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Mando Virtual Production

Previz & Techviz

I worked closely with the on-set virtual production team, directors and show runners of The Mandalorian to create detailed animated previz sequences in Maya and Unreal Engine. This production was a mix of previz and techviz, which called for careful scrutiny of set and volume sizes. This ensured that all of the camera moves that we created in animation were possible to achieve on a physical rig when our animatics were used as a blueprint for cinematography during shoot days.

Virtual Production

I was responsible for animating camera and character choreography for Avatar The Way of Water and Avatar 3 (title tba). I collaborated directly with James Cameron and other creative heads on the films to create physically accurate, to-scale visualizations of sequences before shoot days. During shoot days, I provided realtime on-set animation support to ensure that VFX components were being updated with any changes in the story, set or direction of the scenes.  

Avatar 2 Crew Photo

Creative Direction

As Creative Director for the Nano project, I conceptualized and co-designed wireframes for Nano, a gamified sustainability app, using Adobe XD, Illustrator, and Photoshop. This project called for communicative collaboration with engineers to build and test the Nano app experience for public launch.  

Motion Design Animation

All of the assets for this piece were hand painted in photoshop, and then animated in Adobe After FX. This was created for a personal project as a looping meditation animation with sound. 

Videography & Editing

As a one man video team, I collaborated with The Main Squeeze band to direct, shoot, and edit their cover of the Tears for Fears classic, "Everybody Wants to Rule The World".  This project was shot on a shoestring budget with a Canon 5D Mark IV, Gopro, and DJI Mavic Pro drone. I was responsible for directing, camera operation, and drone operation as well as video editing. It was shot in roughly 4 hours. It has garnered nearly 500k views on youtube. 

3D Asset Development

This character design was created as one of 10k unique pieces in the Nanomalz NFT collection. The goal of this project is to ignite a conversation about climate action and sustainability. The props and outfits in the various designs offer a playful commentary on the global climate crisis that we as humans are facing. In order to create all of the unique variations, I modeled and textured roughly 150 unique assets in Maya. These assets were randomized based on assigned rarity values, which allowed for 10k unique variations. All assets are rendered in Arnold.


This series of 3D character designs were commissioned by Peacevoid for music festival marketing visuals, which were played during live performances. They are inspired by the original 2D NFT Collection, Peaceful Groupies. I am responsible for all aspects of the 3D design, and they were created in Maya, Arnold and After FX.

Drawing & Painting

In the age of AI, it's critical to embrace the change, but also important to remember the foundational design skills that are informing AI in the first place. As a classically trained artist, I started my journey on pencil and paper, and eventually graduated to acrylics & oils before making the leap to digital media. This concept was painted with a tablet in Photoshop. It was created as a character and environment study, placing emphasis on value structure and layout. 


 CG Lighting

This shot of Hiro from Big Hero 6 was created during my time at Walt Disney Animation Studios in the Lighting department. It was lit in Hyperion, and composited in Nuke.

Strategic planning

As layout lead for Camp 3907, I worked closely with The Burning Man Organization placement officials, as well as adjacent camp leaders, to plan fire safety lanes, and fire safety clearance for our 15 foot, fire-shooting sculpture. I also strategically planned junction box placement to prevent line-loss while providing electricity to roughly 30 of our 55 campers across a nearly 30,000 square foot plot. This role also allowed me to plan the layout for our front and back-of-house structures with physically accurate footprints for each.  These plans were created to provide a safe and comfortable living experience for all campers, and the attention to detail even included clear indications of morning sun (for shade structures) and prevailing wind direction. Created in Autodesk Maya. 

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